“I was so excited CNM offered my dream course!

CNM is a pillar for natural health therapies – it’s a great place. I wanted a career that made me feel joyful and useful every day – CNM’s Natural Chef course was the perfect match.

I’ve always been interested in natural alternatives and I love cooking and feeding friends and family. I was an actress and director, but for years I looked for other creative ways to live my life to maximum fulfilment. I had a dream to combine cooking with health, but I didn’t know a course like Natural Chef existed. I went to the CNM website to look at naturopathy courses when I discovered the Natural Chef – this made me so happy!

Food has the power to heal

Both of my parents were diagnosed with cancer a few years ago; this led me to research the power of foods and natural therapies. They were going through intense medical treatments and I wanted to offer them additional support to work alongside these treatments. I believe that changing one’s lifestyle and nutrition has the ability to resolve illness. My dad reversed one of his tumours with natural therapies and is now supporting himself further with natural therapies and nutrition, in addition to conventional treatment.

My passion became my career

When I tested positive to the BRCA1 gene mutation, my health became a priority and I started making dietary and lifestyle changes. I began working for the whole foods market and soon after, I enrolled in the CNM Natural Chef course and make my passion a career.

CNM provides a supportive and fun environment

What I enjoyed most about the course was my classmates. My class was full of women from different backgrounds, all with unique reasons for studying. They all had so much to give and I learnt so much from them! I loved all the lecturers and I enjoyed cooking in a calm setting; it was a very different work environment from what I was used to. It helped me get healthier and experiment in my own kitchen. CNM’s Natural Chef course is fun, creative and healthy. It helped me take myself seriously as somebody knowledgeable in healthy cooking and gave me the confidence to start my own business – something I would have never thought possible before starting the course.

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