The Cooking School for Aspiring Natural Chefs in London

The Cooking School for Aspring Natural Chefs in London CNM prepares aspiring professionals for the exciting but challenging culinary world in London. Our cooking school equips you with the skills and confidence you need not only to cook, but also to innovate dishes, develop techniques and expand the existing repertoire of healthy cuisine.

For our trainers, food is a pillar of well-being, which is why we focus on natural and healthful food. Our institution trains you to become a natural chef or a vegan natural chef, who is well-versed in preparing and serving food for a healthy lifestyle.

Through our classes, we advocate mindful dietary choices and produce competent professionals who are understand the workings of nutrition and put theory into practice.

Our Journey

The first CNM college was opened in 1998, followed by many other colleges in the UK and Ireland. In 2015, we launched the CNM Natural Chef cooking course, followed by the Vegan Natural Chef course in 2017. That year, we also launched the Natural Chef diploma course in Ireland.

Since then, we have welcomed students with different goals — becoming natural chefs, cookbook authors, nutritionists and more. We have helped advance the careers of culinary professionals and enriched the expertise of adjunct professionals, like fitness experts, herbalists and nurses.

ICSA-Certified Culinary School

In recognition of our standards of excellence, CNM Natural Chef has earned the ICSA Certification from the Independent Cookery School Association, which is the only independent, not-for-profit regulatory body for culinary schools in London and the rest of the UK. This bears testament to the consistency and excellence of our training programs.

Learn Advanced Cooking Skills & Discover New Opportunities

If there’s one thing Andrew Maxwell, the ICSA Accreditation Assessor, noticed about our school, it’s that we exude a “general feel of being a ‘happy ship’.”

While CNM upholds rigorous training, we create a welcoming environment that’s conducive to learning. The classes are designed to hone the skillset and preserve their passion, which will carry them through a stellar career. Our students enjoy learning, and that enthusiasm manifests in their work.

Sign up for our classes today, and be part of the CNM Natural Chef community.