In just 12 months from today, you could be a qualified Natural Chef, sharing your passion, helping people eat well and earning a good income doing what you love.

The Natural Chef course and qualification is often referred to by our students as an amazing journey. Not only do they learn how to create and prepare amazing dishes, they learn how to make those dishes therapeutic, natural and tremendously beneficial for health. It’s very easy to make beautiful food if you are using harmful ingredients like table salt and refined sugar. As a CNM Natural Chef, you will master the art of making food with maximum health value, as well as how to customise recipes for a therapeutic effect. A Natural Chef is trained to fully embody the most important naturopathic principle:

‘Let food be thy medicine,
and medicine be thy food’

CNM is exceptionally proud of our graduates, who are now creating businesses and serving customers with outstanding menus that are loaded with nutrients, that are good for the planet, plastic free, organic, non-toxic and mind blowingly delicious.

Some of our graduates go on to write best-selling cookbooks, some create thriving food businesses, some are consultants to the food industry and others are professional recipe writers – the sky really is the limit when you graduate with not just the skills of a professional chef, but also the skill of maximising the health benefits of every single meal you create.

As a prospective student, you will be warmly welcomed into a professional environment, filled with like-minded people, learning from amazing chefs and nutritionists who are utterly passionate about filling the world with healthy foods.

“This time last year I was waiting excitedly for the Natural Chef course to start. Having completed the course I am now excited for the winter ahead and running Mountain Therapy, offering a healthy ski holiday with nourishing food and evening yoga. I am now busy planning menus and taking lots of inspiration from dishes cooked on the Natural Chef course!”

Helen Taylor, CNM Natural Chef Graduate