British GourmetXperiences

The Natural Chef program presents the Greatest British GourmetXperiences who specialise in creating and championing hands-on cookery experiences and curated gourmet gifts.

The team work with some of Britain’s greatest chefs, cookery schools and artisan producers to deliver their ‘GourmetXperience Collection’, showcasing the best of British produce, skill sets and teaching standards.

GourmetXperiences also exclusively represent the Independent Cookery Schools Association (ICSA), which CNM Natural Chef School are proud to be members of.
ICSA assess, accredit, and award cookery schools for their teaching standards including sustainability, seasonality, sourcing, equipment and lecturers.

We believe that a memorable food experience is never purely about eating, it’s also about learning where your food has come from, how the chef has created it, and who you share it with.’

Founder James Day

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