Events and Workshops - CNM Natural Chef and Vegan Natural Chef

Events and Workshops

Online Open Event

Wed 10th February
12.30 – 1.30pm

The College of Naturopathic Medicine is the largest training provider in a range of natural therapies.

Embark on a career where you can help people be healthier.

As a CNM Natural Chef you will learn how to make delicious food that offers therapeutic benefits. You will also learn how to turn these skills into a career.

Both CNM Natural Chef and CNM Vegan Natural Chef qualifications can open doors to a variety of careers. The thorough training encompasses all you require, from culinary business principles to the art of healthy cooking.

Sprouting 101: A Natural Chef Workshop

Tue 16th February
6 – 7pm

Sprouts are one of the most oxygen rich and nourishing foods on the planet and they are incredibly easy to make from the comfort of your own home.

Join Natural Chef Course Director and Sprouting Expert Rachel De Thample for this sprouting workshop where she will teach you what you can sprout, how to sprout them and the endless nutritional benefits they can bring to your diet.

She will then go on to teach you step by step how to make three delicious recipes:

1. Sprouted Smoothie

2. Boiled Eggs (or Avocado) in a Sprouted Nest with Sprouted Pumpkin Seed Hummus

3. Sprouted chickpea Falafel

Foods to Boost Fertility: A Natural Chef Workshop

Wed 10th March
6 – 7pm

Statistics show that 1 in 4 couples will feel the burden of infertility and whilst it’s safe to say there is no one miracle food that will make you instantly fertile, there is significant evidence that that eating a varied and nutrient dense diet can have a positive effect.

Join Natural Chef graduate and Fertility expert Sally Dixon who will take you through the different foods and food groups that can contribute to optimum fertility health and then teach you how to make three nutrient packed recipes that you can recreate at home.

  • Fertility Supporting Smoothie
  • Cauliflower & Sunflower Seed Soup
  • Dukkha and Puffed Amaranth crusted Salmon served with Kale, Sundried Tomato & Olive Salad

Cooking for Brain Health

Tue 13th April
6 – 7pm

The brain is one of the most important organs in the body, yet we rarely hear about diets that support good brain health.

Adopting a diet that promotes optimum brain health can be essential in cognitive function and reducing your chances of brain-related diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Join Natural Chef Course Director, Chef and Author Rachel De Thample and learn about the kinds of foods you need to improve your mood and focus. This fantastic one-hour online workshop will guide you through the following and inspire you with a realm of delicious, easy recipes you can easily make at home to improve your mental health.

Recipes include:

  • Brain Food Smoothie
  • Purple Sweet Potato Scones with Walnut Butter
  • Oat Crusted Wild Trout Fish Fingers with Watercress & Broccoli Sprout Salad and Linseed Aioli