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Earn a Natural Chef Diploma with our Cooking Classes in London

The stakes are high for chefs-in-training in London: you face a growing customer base that demands a balance of taste, presentation and natural ingredients.CNM Natural Chef prepares you for the challenging culinary world in London. Our cooking classes equip you with the confidence and skillset to create dishes that satisfy, inspire and support a healthy lifestyle.

Eligible Students

The CNM Natural Chef diploma is a three-part course that covers everything you need to know to be a successful CNM Natural Chef. It opens doors to countless career opportunities. You can work in a commercial kitchen, restaurant, health café, spa or even as a personal chef.

Apart from aspiring chefs in London, our cookery school is also open to:

  • Cooking instructors
  • Cookbook authors and recipe researchers
  • Food product developers
  • Related professionals (fitness instructors, nutritionists, herbalists, nurses and more)

Course Overview

The course comprises 420 hours of education and 100 hours of internship (part-time). This can run for 9-12 months.

  • How the Body Works Course: 60 hours
  • Nutrition for Everyday Living: 60 hours
  • Kitchen: 140 hours + 160 hours of home assignments
  • Internship: 100 hours

At the end of the course, you will receive a CNM Diploma for Natural Chef.

Syllabus Overview

The CNM Natural Chef cooking course is divided into three parts.

Part 1: How the Body Works

In this chapter, you’ll understand how the digestive and immune systems work. The subject also explores how food and lifestyle affect overall health.

Part 2: Nutrition for Everyday Living

In this chapter, you’ll delve into how food affects immunity, energy levels and cognitive abilities. It encourages you to be more mindful of the culinary creations you serve.

Part 3: Natural Chef Training

In this chapter, you’ll learn essential cooking techniques that put you in the ranks of London’s best chefs. On top of that, you’ll learn cooking healthful recipes, sourcing quality ingredients and running a culinary business.

Training London’s Next Top Natural Chefs

Since 1998, CNM has been providing practice-oriented training to aspiring culinary professionals in London and beyond. Thanks to our standards of excellence, the CNM Natural Chef qualification is recognised in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

Today, CNM is UK’s leading training provider for a wide array of natural therapies. We’re looking forward to being part of your journey and success in the culinary world. Take the first step to becoming a full-fledge Natural Chef. Enquire today.

I chose CNM because of their recognition

I heard lots of great things about the course and this particular Natural Chef diploma really stood out to me. I was very happy with the course; the way it was structured and the great lecturers.

I’ve always loved food, even from a young age. I grew up in France where cooking involved using lots of butter and sugar. My interest in healthy food came when I was pregnant with my first son. During my pregnancy, I started to research more and wanted to cook healthier food.

Olivia Nottin

I’ve been able to turn my passion into a business

After years of suffering with chronic eczema, to the point where my skin felt severely burnt, I managed to gain control of my skin condition by changing my diet and eating healthy food. This inspired me to help others and become a natural chef.

On the course, I learnt everything from cooking food and making juices and smoothies to preparing raw dishes, sprouting, fermenting and baking – all with a healthy and therapeutic focus.

Camille Knowles

The course was everything I hoped it would be

CNM’s Natural Chef course is the ideal balance of nutritional information and practical food skills. The classes are educational, practical and fun; it made the process of learning as an adult very enjoyable.

I wanted to combine my love for yoga with my passion for vegan food so I qualified as a Natural Chef. I was looking for a course that would give me a vegan food qualification and also teach me more about nutrition – CNM’s Natural Chef course was the perfect mix.

Ursula Lake

The CNM Natural Chef Cooking Course Diploma