Natural Chef Directory

Natural Chef Directory

Wondering where to buy fresh, seasonal organic ingredients such as those used by our Natural Chefs? Please find our new directory to which we will be adding awesome resources for ingredients. Found a great supplier, company or product? Let us know and we’ll add them too.

Agua de Madre:  Agua De Madre is made from the elemental Tibicos Mother Culture discovered two thousand years ago on the pads of the Mexican Opuntia cactus. Following Madre’s recipe, the live culture is added to organic fruit and ginger and left for just the right amount of time to create water kefir. Water kefir contributes to maintaining good gut health, which has a positive impact on physical and mental wellbeing.


Alara: Alex Smith started Alara in 1975 with just £2. He is the pioneer of natural and organic food in the UK and has been actively involved in many organisations and projects promoting sustainability.

Better Food Traders: Better Food Traders are a network of not-for-profit community run veg schemes that provide organic fruit and veg in London and further afield. Providing fresh, organic produce from local farmers and growers, we stand for food with ethics. Food from Better Food Traders strives to be the most climate-friendly food as well as the fairest – to farmers, workers and the customer. That’s not all – our organisations invest in their communities: you’ll find them delivering food-grower’s training, supporting food-banks and giving to community kitchens. Buying from Better Food Traders offers healthy eating – and peace-of-mind. The ultimate in comfort food!

Better Food

Borough Broth: Borough Broth Co. have been making the finest organic bone broths since 2015. Slow-cooked for 24-hours from our London kitchen, our recipes contain 40% bones, are high in collagen and packed full of protein. Seasoned to perfection, you can sip hot straight from a mug or use as you might a stock in your home cooking.


Brambletye Fruit Farm: We are five young farmers who run a large, professional and beautiful biodynamic fruitfarm, consisting of large apple and pear orchards as well as redcurrant, blackberry and gooseberry plantings and laying hens roaming under the trees and fruit bushes. The farm is situated in the High Weald of Sussex, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Brambletye Fruit Farm

Clearspring: Clearspring is a family business and for over 25 years we have been committed to pioneering authentic Japanese specialities and organic fine foods. We are proud to bring to you our award-winning range that is enjoyed and appreciated around the world.

Coombe Farm Organic: Coombe Farm Organic have been farming their beautiful estate in Somerset since the 1940s. They’re certain that it’s their ethical farming choices that create the unbeatable flavours found in the food they produce. Looking for an indulgent beef roasting joint for Sunday lunch? Tasty pork sausages for your Saturday morning breakfast? Or succulent organic chicken breasts to make weekday suppers special? Coombe Farm Organic have got a mouth-watering selection of organic meat and poultry to choose from, suitable for every occasion. Order your favourite cuts – and maybe branch out and try something new.


CRU8 Foods: Alexi, the Founder of Cru8 Foods, believes that a high-raw, mostly plant-based diet can lead to tremendous health, well-being, and productivity benefits. She has been a raw food advocate since 2009 and has seen the transformational nature of eating high-raw on herself, recovering from a pre-diabetic condition, released 20lbs of excess weight, and recovered from depression. Alexi set up Cru8 Foods with the purpose of transforming eating habits through her detox delivery business. To help her clients stay on track post detox, Alexi developed a range of snack foods free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar that have been awarded a Great Taste Award.

Cru8 foods logo

Ealing Urban Farm: Ealing Urban Farm specialises in microgreens and vegan raw cakes. The idea behind offering these products, is the love for delicious food and nourish the body at the same time. Cooking plant-based ingredients destroy the essential nutrients that fruits, vegetables, microgreens, and nuts possess. Ealing Urban Farm is passionate about maintaining the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals in all of their treats and microgreens.


Forest Whole Foods: Forest Whole Foods are a family company who specialise in organics. Their online shop provides free UK delivery over £35. Visit their shop to browse a wide range of quality organic wholefoods grown to the highest organic standards. All Forest Whole Food products are certified by the soil association and are perfect for cooking from scratch. The company was set up in 2016 by a young family wanting to make organic food available to the masses. Their mission is to make organic whole food affordable without compromising on quality. Their growing range of foods includes nuts, seeds, beans and pulses, grains, powders, flours, herbs and spices.

Forest Whole Foods

HappyKombucha: HappyKombucha Ltd is the leading provider of organic Certified (by the Soil association) kombucha, Kefir and food fermentation related products in the U.K. We count Sainsbury’s and Planet Organic amongst our stockists and sell to businesses across Europe as well as to the general public. We are known for providing the very best in Kombucha Scobies, Milk and Water Kefir, and a wide variety of fermentation equipment. We pride ourselves on our renowned, outstanding customer service and strive to help every customer with their health and well being goals. We are a highly moral company that hires staff from troubled backgrounds and looks to provide opportunities and development. The company was founded by Marcus and Michelle Holborn and has been built organically over twelve years and has philanthropic elements that we seek to constantly develop. Business should and can be ethical and that’s how we do things at happyKombucha. Come and see us at


Hodmedod: Britain’s pulse and grain pioneers, supply pulses and grains for cooking, canned beans and peas, gluten-free pulse and quinoa flours, flaked quinoa and cereals, puffed quinoa and ready-to-eat roasted bean and pea snacks – all grown on British farms. We work closely with our farmers to develop diverse and sustainable production, including new trial crops like lentils, camelina and chia. Our most popular products include wholegrain and smoked quinoa, split fava beans, carlin peas, versatile pea flours, and our exceptionally moreish roasted green peas with horseradish. Proud winners of the 2017 BBC Food and Farming Award for best food producer.


Hook and Sons: Hook and Son have a truly sustainable organic dairy herd of pedigree Holstein Friesian cows which are grass fed on pasture at Longleys Farm which is just north of Hailsham in East Sussex.Our raw milk is completely natural and has not been processed in any way, maintaining the nutritious elements and good bateria that are destroyed by pasteurisation, making it a very different product to the pasteurised, homogenised milk you buy in supermarkets.

Hook & Son

Infinity Foods: Over the years, as the wholefood market has grown so too has the wholesale division of Infinity Foods. What started as a small outlet at the rear of the shop is today one of the UK’s leading national and international distributors of high quality, organic, fairtrade and natural products.

Infinity Wholesale

Lifeforce Organics: We are Organic. Raw. Activated. Vegan. At our core, we aim to put your wellbeing, and the health of the environment at the forefront of all that we do. Thus to provide you with a range of activated, organic and nutritious products in their most natural form, made by hand in the UK and packaged using only compostable and recyclable materials

Loving Foods: Loving Foods was started in 2006 by brother and sister, Mendel and Faye who were quickly joined by Faye’s husband, Adam. Mendel is a qualified nutritional therapist with a natural interest in healthy food; Faye acquired her healthy interest in natural food the hard way: as a sufferer of chronic IBS. Mendel helped his sister – naturally – and her subsequent lifestyle and diet changes transformed her health in general, and her IBS in particular. As their interest in and advocacy of fermented health grew, Mendel started to prepare his own fermented food which Faye would evangelise to her family and friends. Loving Foods was a natural progression. Born out of need and fueled by enthusiasm, we are now driven by a lasting ambition: better well-being for everyone.

Loving Foods Fermented

Olivocracy: We bring to the United Kingdom a selection of top quality 100% Italian single estate organic extra virgin olive oils from small producers. The best certified organic olives, cold-extracted and bottled without being processed with any chemicals and artificial colours whatsoever. From the olive grove to the bottle in one day!We offer the only UK branded Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Rakura Tea: Rakura the Finest Himalayan Teas were introduced in late December 2012 to break new ground for tea from Nepal and put it on the world tea map. Although the establishment was founded in 1973, it was gathered that true awareness and sustainability for the tea community in Nepal could only be understood if value was created and fairly shared at the source. Embracing over 40 years of tea experience, the brand Rakura derived from Ram Kumar Rathi (a dedication to the Founder by his sons for his utmost devotion to the purpose of Himalayan tea) was launched implementing rigorous quality and hygiene standards that still today every batch of tea is hand-picked and approved by the Founder himself.


Raw Artisan Honey: Our aim at Raw Artisan Honey is to help the producers to keep on doing the great job they do. Getting a fair price for their hard work and provide a sustainable business for their families. We are always communicating with our beekeeper friends and passing on the great feedback we get from our clients

Raw Artisan Honey

Shipton Mill: Down in a Cotswolds valley, we mill a wide range of organic flours from the very best grains and seeds, including ancient, heritage, and gluten-free varieties. We mill using both stone grinding and roller milling methods, to create flours for all occasions and purposes. Stone ground flour from organic grains has always been, and remains at the heart of our business, as does promoting biodiversity and working with farmers who share our passion and our ethos, in order to create the best flours we possibly can. We work with farmers year after year to grow unusual and rare varieties of grains that cannot be so easily sourced elsewhere. Our range encompasses both the highly specialist and the every day, and showcases beautiful flavours such as spelt, einkorn, khorasan, rye, chestnut, teff and buckwheat, amongst many others.


Surya Prana: During her clinical training as a nutritional therapist at CNM, Kay Katwa embarked on a quest to discover a high-quality organic whole root turmeric powder, finding one that not only met her exacting standards but was in fact superior to the product that she used in my childhood household! Kay doesn’t offer only a high-quality turmeric but many other products of exceptional quality, she creates utilise her knowledge of Western and Eastern herbs and spices.