‘I would definitely recommend CNM’

My daughter developed dreadful eczema to the point where she was constantly scratching and it was really affecting her quality of life. We had a number of consultations with Naturopaths trying to understand what dietary protocol we could try to try. What that did was spark a real interest in the effect of diet on the body.

The Natural Chef program was valuable in getting me to understand how to make food that not only tastes and looks wonderful, but that’s going to give people what they need to be healthy.

I’ve made lifelong friends

I really enjoyed my year on the Natural Chef program, the buzz of learning something new and working with really interesting lecturers and teachers was absolutely worth it. I really loved working with a cohort of like-minded people – I’ve made lifelong friends.

Learning how to cook nutritious food is one of the best gifts anybody can give themselves.

For me I needed to combine my background in manufacturing with my new found knowledge of nutrition – that was where Saintly Desserts came from, I’ve developed a range of five patisserie like tarts made with whole, natural ingredients that don’t only taste great but they do you some good as well.

I really enjoyed my time on the Natural Chef program and I would definitely recommend CNM to anybody who is interested in a career in Nutrition or as a Natural Chef or even for personal interest.

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