Camille Knowles - CNM Natural Chef and Vegan Natural Chef

Camille Knowles

Camille Knowles

I just published my first book!”

After years of suffering with chronic eczema, to the point where my skin felt severely burnt, I managed to gain control of my skin condition by changing my diet and eating healthy food. This inspired me to help others and become a natural chef.

I discovered CNM through my mum who had studied nutritional therapy at the college. Her passion for health and wellness inspired me so much that I enrolled in CNM’s how to make natural skincare products short course. Starting this workshop ignited my passion for all things natural. Several years later, after becoming a qualified health coach, I returned to CNM to study on the Natural Chef course.

I’ve been able to turn my passion into a business

Having learnt a lot about nutrition from my mum and through my course, I needed to know how to make it professionally and write about it. The best part was discovering how to write recipes and turn my Natural Chef diploma into a business.

On the course, I learnt everything from cooking food and making juices and smoothies to preparing raw dishes, sprouting, fermenting and baking – all with a healthy and therapeutic focus. A huge factor in my love of natural nutrition was the exploration of non-pharmaceutical paths to managing my eczema – healthy eating and lifestyle was a big factor in this.

I’m on a mission to help others

I’m now on a mission to support others with eczema, helping them understand how to manage their condition through food and nutrition. Spreading the word about the link between natural skincare, healthy eating and treating eczema is so important to me. Thank you CNM for teaching my mother the valuable skills she passed on to me, for showing

me how to make natural skincare products and for teaching me how to create delicious recipes which help me thrive.

‘The Beauty of Eczema’ is my book, available to buy on Amazon, and my online programme is coming soon. You can find my recipes and beauty product recommendations on my website and social media feed.

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