A recent report by the bureau of labour statistics projects that employment of Chef’s and Head Cooks is projected to grow 10 percent from 2016 to 2026. That is faster than the average for all occupations combined. 

In addition to this, a recent article in Big Hospitality stats that many employers do not believe the current production of Chefs is specialised enough to meet the demand for increasingly sophisticated menu demands.

The key to success it seems is to be highly specialised and on trend, which is why the development of skills such as therapeutic cooking, vegan cooking, zero waste and natural cooking is such a significant benefit for Chef’s seeking to differentiate themselves and stand out in this growing employment area.

College of Naturopathic Medicine trains Chef’s to cook in accordance with 100% on trend skills and abilities. CNM Chef’s learn to cook with natural, organic, vegan and healthy ingredients to produce Chef’s that are not only current and relevant, but stand out as unique, highly in demand professionals in a rapidly changing climate that is consistently demanding these skills within the Chef workforce.