Rena Patel - CNM Natural Chef and Vegan Natural Chef

Rena Patel

“The Natural Chef Course has opened so many doors for me”

I have had such a lot of inspirational thoughts since graduating from the CNM Natural Chef Course that I want to put into action. I really love healthy, healing food and want to teach people the importance of eating natural, high-vibration foods. Running my own cooking classes and working with people on retreats is a major part. I am planning on doing my first retreat in Sardinia where I will be planning weekly holistic menus. I will also be teaching healthy cooking classes made with produce freshly picked straight from my friend’s farm.

My main occupation for the last 10 years has been working as a professional chef. I started my career in Jamie Oliver’s cookery school. I started in the kitchen assembling salads and baking. Developing recipes was my passion for being a chef. I was so inspired working with all the talented chefs around me that I decided to go and study at a culinary college.I managed to study and work my way up to head chef and cooking school teacher.

I heard about the CNM Natural Chef Course when I was at a Mind Body Soul convention in London. I had been looking for a course where I could learn about holistic food and Ayurvedic cooking.

My favourite part of the CNM Natural Chef Course was meeting so many talented lecturers and students who gave me such great insight and knowledge in different holistic practices. It has opened many doors for me by meeting so many people in the field of Naturopathy.

The most useful thing I learned was the importance of gut health and digestion. I found this topic very interesting and I intend to keep learning as much as I can so I can help people through my cooking and menu plans.

For my internship I did a variety of different jobs and ran my own supper club which I enjoyed a lot. I worked with a friend who designs menus for restaurants to develop new menus and also costings for a chain of restaurants. This gave me additional valuable experience on the business side of being a chef and also honed my organising skills.

My ethics of food are all about fresh, seasonal and colourful! I love creating and cooking joyful food made with plenty of love. Mindful eating is very important to me. CNM Natural Chef has helped me follow my dreams and opened so many doors for me!


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